OGCPL Services OMNIFIC GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS PRIVATE LIMITED is a India's premier service provider of leading-edge VSAT, Broadcasting, Banking, IT and Education services.

OGCPL Services

Founded in 2015, TV Channel set up in place of Channel setup. Omnific Global Communications Pvt ltd is a leading service provider of Channel Setup, OTT/IPTV, Media Assets Management (MAM) System, TV Playout DSNG & Earth Station, School Management, Radio channel setup and Media production setup.

OGCPL services

OGCPL conducts thorough, all-encompassing site surveys to assess the suitability of the proposed site for installing the clients Earth Station. Optionally we conduct an RF Interference check.

The complete integration and installation solution is drawn in the initial stages just after the site survey. Most of issues are clarified at this stage and responsibilities are fixed. Apart from working as a reference document, it also sets up milestones for quick and timely delivery. If the installation is ground-based it involves soil testing. Depending on the soil testing report, we validate the feasibility of the antenna manufacturer's suggested foundation Antenna verification tests include pattern optimization. We specialize in testing transmit patterns of our installations. Acceptance Testing is done jointly with the Client as part of the handing over process. The entire process and all the test results are documented. Normally a Level Diagram is generated to serve as a benchmark.

We design Rack Layouts to house all the Earth Station Electronics. As a logical extension we can also carry out the rack integration including all the back panel cabling, arrangements for Equipment Power and Patch Panels for easy signal monitoring. Finally we do a thorough documentation.

We provide on-site training for the field staff as well as off-site client training for effortless management of earth stations. Different modules have been designed depending on the project size and the scope of work involved.

We offer to repair most of the commonly used equipment in an Earth Station Installation. We have carried out repairs of Antenna Control Units, Dehydrators, Uplink Power Control Units, Up/Down Converters, LNA Controllers etc. We have capabilities to identify and localize the fault in most equipment. We then work with the manufacturer (OEM) to get the relevant spares and carry out the module replacement. In some cases, we have even carried out component level repairs on boards. This is of great comfort to the client and the equipment manufacturer also since we provide repair within India. This eliminates the need for complicated formalities to send the equipment abroad for repair and return. It also reduces the cost of repair.

Modern Lab with spectrum, testers, power meters with trained professional for CPI equipment’s., Xicom Equipment, Ericsson and Harmonic Equipment.


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