Network Services

Network Services

OMNIFIC GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS possess the necessary resources to plan, manage and install reliable Voice, Data and Video systems, on time and to specification. Our design and project management team are experienced in all types of Voice, Data and Video infrastructure network.

These include commercial, industrial, government and non-government organizations, education and healthcare and encompasses all known cable topologies, transmission media and standards.

Network Services offer a truly ‘in-house solutions’ as all our staff are well versed in the technologies we offer hence no part of any installation from PABX, Structured/Block Wringing to LAN/WAN Networking is sub-contracted to outside agencies.

This enables us to guarantee standard compliant installations. Network Services understanding of customer requirements and the faultless functioning of its systems and installations are lasting factors which ensure the company’s development and future. So feel free to put us to the test.

Telephone System

OGC can supply your business with everything from handsets to telephone contracts.

Modern phone systems are increasingly set up to provide access via Voice over IP (VoIP), using your broadband lines to make phone calls, with the same clarity as a traditional system. This can save businesses significant costs in terms of line rental and call charges and capital investment in PBX equipment.

OGC can provide a hosted PBX facility, giving your business the full functionality of an in-house switch with the flexibility to route calls seamlessly between offices and remote workers. In the event of a disaster the phone lines can be switched to another location or mobile phones seamlessly.

The final element of the OGT telephony offering is around the phone contracts. Our contracts allow us to supply intelligent, least cost routing, which switches networks to ensure that each call is being charged at the lowest possible rate. We also offer detailed reporting and analysis of your telephone charges to help clients manage their calls down where possible.


OMNIFIC GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS provides you complete Communications room service.
We can undertake to audit all your network patching. Systematically re-patch your communications cabinet and provide you with a schedule of your Voice and Data ports.

The works are of a very sensitive nature and demand extreme care. A dedicated Project Engineer will be assigned to ensure a smooth "change over", resolving all your network confusion to eliminate those difficult patching problems.